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June 16, 2010 11:00 AM

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June 16, 2010

St. Xavier High School

VONDERHEIDE Edna Mae (nee Buelte)

Spouse of Alumnus

New AP

St. Xavier High School announced Matt Keith ('93) as its new assistant principal for student affairs. Keith moves into the AP office after seven years as a St. X guidance counselor.

Tweets About St. Xavier

I just became the mayor of Sycamore Place at St. Xavier Park Apartments on @foursquare!

Zach Shumate ’10

ZachZapatoAmigo: @StephenQuehl word.
ZachZapatoAmigo: @thelegitam of course it didn't. That's because @StephenQuehl did it. He is his mothers son. Perfectionist.
ZachZapatoAmigo: Here's the back. I showed this little craft to my brother and dad. They're conviced we're dating.
ZachZapatoAmigo: Look what @StephenQuehl did to my script binder! Ps: I loved the A-Team

June 15, 2010

Zach Shumate ’10

ZachZapatoAmigo: A team with @StephenQuehl and @harrisonlott. I am so excited!
ZachZapatoAmigo: Me and charlie st cloud. Yum.
ZachZapatoAmigo: - Starbucks time with @stephenquehl @harrisonlott and @heidipalmerrrrr
ZachZapatoAmigo: The heating and cooling company just called to confirm the appointment for our ac to be fixed in the morning. FINALLY!!!!
ZachZapatoAmigo: The news report about touchdown jesus burning is flipping me out. Seeing the video of a giant jesus burning does NOT make me feel good..
ZachZapatoAmigo: When did who wants to be a millionaire become a fast paced game? It goes through contestants like lindsanity goes through new sentences..

Mr. Rod Hinton, Admissions Dept.

rodhinton: Wow! An old man is totally running in Clifton wearing a royal blue speedo. He is causing traffic to slow...haha!

Zach Shumate ’10

ZachZapatoAmigo: Fixed my phone at the tmobile store. Now I'm reading a magazine for a few minutes in barnes before going home. Adorable old sisters by me!
ZachZapatoAmigo: @harrisonlott it was on the dashboard of my car and was burning hot so I dropped it on my driveway.. :(

Tweets About St. Xavier

Ummmm I thought St. X was an all boy&aposs high school..Was I wrong??

Zach Shumate ’10

ZachZapatoAmigo: My blackberry just broke!!! NOOOOOOOOO!! If the screen shatters does the warraty cover it?
ZachZapatoAmigo: @harrisonlott bahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa
ZachZapatoAmigo: @StephenQuehl they're about as good for you as a blueberry. But yes, they were a hoax.
ZachZapatoAmigo: Frozen dark chocolate covered acai berries are delicious. Ten points for my mama!

St. Xavier High School

Top 20 Training

St. X hosted a teaching seminar for more than 50 educators across the Tri-State - including several of the current faculty - in an effort to put a positive spin on education.

Carlo Alvarez, Athletics Dept.

CarloAlvarez_: "Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." - John F. Kennedy

Tweets About St. Xavier

Tuesday morning quick hitters - ESPN: Sean Duggan (Cincinnati, Ohio/St. Xavier) has seen a meteoric rise in his st...

Zach Shumate ’10

ZachZapatoAmigo: Are there pictures of the burned jesus!? I wanna see!
ZachZapatoAmigo: I don't know why that just cut me off.. But the only thing I have PLANNED is a work out.
ZachZapatoAmigo: Good morning twitter. Yet another day of summer where the only thing I have pa

Carlo Alvarez, Athletics Dept.

CarloAlvarez_: "Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Zach Shumate ’10

ZachZapatoAmigo: Since (touchdown) Jesus is on fire am I to think the world is ending? #omg
ZachZapatoAmigo: Why isn't twitter working?! I'm annoyed! Goodnight tweeps.
ZachZapatoAmigo: Why is twitter actin up again?

June 14, 2010

Zach Shumate ’10

ZachZapatoAmigo: @daniellestaub you are a disgusting crazy ass bitch. @dinamanzo was trying to be courteous by meeting you. #crazyassbitch needs to wake up.
ZachZapatoAmigo: @laurieloulou22 we're pretty fond of you too.
ZachZapatoAmigo: The world is ending!! A storm!! But seriously if you're in the area where the tornados are hitting, get in your fucking basement idiot.
ZachZapatoAmigo: @StephenQuehl "I love my aunt. She thinks she's married to Michael Bolton."

John Gruber ’12

gruberjz: RT @KyleBrandt34: #Vuvuzelas: FIFA needs to consult the 2 leading authorities on these matters Bubb Rubb & Lil Sis! ...

Zach Shumate ’10

ZachZapatoAmigo: Harrison looking pensively at the rushing water mourning the loss of his bottled water. #lovesummer
ZachZapatoAmigo: I LOVE RENT!

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