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June 16, 2010 11:01 AM

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June 16, 2010

Robert Trippel ’09

robertrippel: I hate muggy weather.

Brandon Davis ’09

KeepUpWithDavis: #avatar is beautiful everything
KeepUpWithDavis: laying in my mattress slowing down the night
KeepUpWithDavis: hello seattle

Robert Trippel ’09

robertrippel: Just sacred my litte sister Haha
robertrippel: Watched Public Enemies tonight with everyone. I've seen it before, but it's still a great movie.

Brandon Davis ’09

KeepUpWithDavis: i forgot how nice it is on #dreamsiclebeach
KeepUpWithDavis: okay reptar flavored pop tarts in the cabinet
KeepUpWithDavis: Tangering High Currents, itl be a great summer

June 15, 2010

Justinian Mason ’09

jmase1290: nate robinson sucks

Joe Hackman ’09

semiNOU: My sister thinks that I am her personal chauffeur and it's getting tiresome.

Jerry Valentine ’09

JerryV513: "Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come.”
JerryV513: RT @LA_iMax @JerryV513 Haha I'm gonna whoop ur ass <-- I dont mind...*pulls pants down & waits* haha
JerryV513: @LA_iMax hahah aint nobody hatin on no neck tattoo...and twitter doesnt care wat you think is sexy! haha jp jp
JerryV513: @LA_iMax Just keepin it real wit you shorty haha
JerryV513: RT @RClark_16 Popeyes bout to bang 3 piece n a biscuit wit the cajun rice! <--meal of champion right there nigga
JerryV513: RT @LA_iMax Somethin about tattoos on a boys neck.... Mmmhmm!!<--#NeverEmployed
JerryV513: Got a few moves to make wit the homies tonight...hopefully tonight will be a goodnight
JerryV513: I just lost ALL respect for #OneOfMyFollowers...smmfh I dont need it, I dont want it...
JerryV513: @LoveLee_A I miss you lil is yo summer so far?
JerryV513: RT @foreverfr3sh @JerryV513 my nigga need some shively lol<--hell yea! a nigga need a swipe!
JerryV513: Grandma over here tryin to starve a nigga

Brandon Davis ’09

KeepUpWithDavis: Holy shit Mortal Kombat Rebirth looks bad ass

Craig Nieman ’09

craignieman: Man, really don't feel like the dentist today.
craignieman: Holy. Crap. Nintendo #e3

Brandon Davis ’09

KeepUpWithDavis: WOW NINTENDO! #e3
KeepUpWithDavis: @aegies and dragonquest
KeepUpWithDavis: When Zelda is the worst part of a press conference, you know its great well done #nintendo #e3, still going too
KeepUpWithDavis: I want my consoles/handhelds to play games, i don't really need cameras
KeepUpWithDavis: Nintendo 3DS yeah i'm getting one

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