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We are Planet Xavier.

Planet Xavier is a daily look at the St. Xavier blogosphere, syndicating the blogs and journals of 400 St. X students, teachers, and alumni. pX syndicates blogs, LiveJournals, Xangas, MySpace blogs, Flikr galleries, Webshots albums, and more. It’s a “river of news”–style feed aggregator, which means that everyone’s newest entries are lumped together on one happy page.

It was started in December 2004 by , using the Planet aggregation software. This site is still in beta-testing (hence the giant letter δ up top), and many more features are in the works. If you have any suggestions for improving pX, get in touch!

Want to be syndicated here? If you currently attend or work at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, Ohio – as opposed to the one in Louisville, Kentucky – and you have a blog or journal of some sort, let Minh know about it. Just provide your name, your class year (department or position if you’re a faculty member), and the URL (Web address) of your blog. As a bonus, you can even have your head featured next to each of your posts (like an avatar or buddy icon). Send me your photo or really sloppy drawing (faces only, please), and I’ll gladly include it.

Site News

(You can track more pX happenings at Minh’s Notes.)

Welcome, Class of 2013.

August 17, 2009: It’s that time again! The website that just won’t die – this one – is back for another year of mindless chatter. Freshly-minted college students can find their blogs at the new Class of 2009 page. Remember, any student, past or present, can get syndicated at pX.


May 19, 2009: Back in September, it seemed that the vibrant community that was once Planet Xavier had slowed to a trickle. So I announced that active development of this website would probably end, leaving it in β forever. But since then, things have picked up again, with an influx of Twittering students and alumni. In recognition of the unexpected revival here, I’ve fixed the many nagging issues that have plagued pX for years:

  • No longer a “semi-automatic” website, pX updates at the top of each hour without human intervention – finally!
  • Once again, the timestamps have been corrected to use Eastern Time, rather than (inexplicably) Mountain Time. In addition, pX switches between daylight savings and standard time automatically.
  • The “Weather” sidebar is operational, pulling up-to-the-minute weather data from Yahoo!
  • After over four years in β, pX has reached δ!

Obviously, these changes would be “too little, too late” for returning pX to its mid-2005 heyday. But I hope the site is at least worth a visit again.

Welcome, Class of 2012.

August 20, 2008: The few ’08 bloggers have been moved to their own alumni page. As most of Planet Xavier’s original bloggers have moved on, this probably marks the end of active development of the site. pX will continue to be maintained and updated on a regular basis, but don’t expect a deluge of new contributors here.

Snow in April

April 1, 2008: For those who missed it today, this year’s April Fool’s joke has been archived for your continued enjoyment (and for songs stuck in heads).

Welcome, Class of 2011.

August 24, 2007: It’s a little late in coming, but the Class of 2007 has been moved onto their own alumni page, as Planet Xavier makes room for the Class of 2011. But the question remains: “oh-eleven” or “one-one”?

No more time travel.

November 4, 2006: While upgrading Planet Xavier to use Planet 2.0, Minh finally got around to fixing a bug that’s reared its ugly head at this site for the better part of a year: entries were timestamped anywhere between five and nine hours ahead, so the latest posts would actually be from a few hours in the future. So, sorry, pX will no longer predict the future for you. But since Planet is no longer in beta, maybe Minh will drop the “β” from this site’s title, too. Or maybe not.

Where’d all the Dragon Kids go?

August 22, 2006: As the Class of 2010 begins their first week as freshmen, the alumni Class of 2006 is getting relegated to their own page. Hope they don’t mind. Speaking of the Class of 2010 (“oh-ten”?), if you’re currently a freshman at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, please see the Get Syndicated page for information on having your blog posts syndicated here.

Shut down

April 2, 2006: For those who missed it the other day, this year’s April Fool’s joke has been archived for your continued enjoyment and panic (more info). For the current freshman, sophomores, and juniors among you, the joke page is a parody of the warning you would find on St. X computers upon accessing a blocked website. And no, that photo was not Photoshopped.

LiveJournals temporarily blocked

January 20, 2006: LiveJournal entries are currently being omitted from the Latest Entries listings for current students and the Class of 2005. LiveJournal recently shortened everyone’s URLs to the format ( for those whose usernames begin with an underscore). Because of this change, the URL of every LiveJournal entry has now changed, leading Planet to mistakingly treat every entry as a new one. Something similar is happening with Webshots albums, which is why you’ve been seeing old ones pop up continuously over the past couple days. Once the stream of URL changes trickles to a halt, I’ll flip the switch to include LiveJournals and Webshots albums again.

Yep, we’ve redesigned.

December 31, 2005: On a whim, Minh decided to stop procrastinating and finally redesign the site like he said he would eons ago. Do you like the new design? If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch; Minh wasn’t able to set the design in stone, because his monitor would’ve been in pieces.


June 19, 2005: Xanga entries now appear in the correct chronological order.

Planet Panther

April 1, 2005: Yesterday’s April Fool’s joke is still online for those who missed it. Sorry to those whom I fooled.

Wastes of space

January 22, 2005: Excessively long entries will be truncated or omitted entirely if necessary. Rule of thumb: if it’s more than three screens long using a 1280×800 resolution (in 12pt Times New Roman), it’s probably going to get truncated. (Hat tip to Eric Webb.)

Pardon the sawdust

January 13, 2005: Planet Xavier has been upgraded to run on Planet 1.0.0 (development version). I’m reintroducing the Xangas here all at one time, and a ton of backdated entries will appear on top at first; they will gradually get pushed down. Please pardon the sawdust.


January 1, 2005: All Xangas and Aiesec Manila blogs have been temporarily removed, because of the lack of any sort of date element. They are currently listed here.


December 30, 2004: Planet Xavier is now up and running!


It was started in December 2004 by , using the Planet aggregation software.

Planet is a flexible feed aggregator. It downloads news feeds published by web sites and aggregates their content together into a single combined feed, latest news first.

Planet Xavier currently uses Planet 2.0. Minh has created special templates to provide, among other things, this page. He uses Allaire HomeSite 4.0.1 (now Macromedia HomeSite) and Apple’s Xcode for text-editing.


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