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June 16, 2010 11:02 AM

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June 15, 2010

John Hurley ’08

jah07022: Why do I wake up at 530 errryday and lay hurrr

June 14, 2010

John Hurley ’08

jah07022: Touchdown Jesus engulfed in flames from lightening strike. If you don't know it, google image it.
jah07022: It's sad my my archive of personal embarrassing stories mostly involves poop and nose bleeds.

June 13, 2010

John Hurley ’08

jah07022: @twillx08 on that juice game
jah07022: Get outta here Ron, eff you man
jah07022: I'm a true fan
jah07022: @annieahern it worries me how natural you all look with powerful Mexican facial hair

June 12, 2010

John Hurley ’08

jah07022: Diamond seats, just ordered slushy vodka, I like my odds.

Jacob Bolden ’08

JacobBolden: In tim we trust

John Hurley ’08

jah07022: Cincinnati bowtie is the 5th most googled phrase with Cincinnati in it. We obviously have a lot to over.
jah07022: Joseph bank offers sizes for Big, Tall, and Portly people, aka obese Americans.
jah07022: Pooped in an alleyway tonight
jah07022: Too many users to get updates... Figures, I am at crowleys

June 11, 2010

John Hurley ’08

jah07022: Bachelor partttty night started off right. Bj shots for table of ladies next to us
jah07022: I hate seeing people twirl their 3-way
jah07022: Crazy how you can pick out the difference in just about every skyline if your raised on it.

Jacob Bolden ’08

JacobBolden: Upset City...
JacobBolden: Futbol in the morning

June 10, 2010

John Hurley ’08

jah07022: It's predicted Miley Cyrus will be a billionaire by age 20...I'm pissed to say the least

Jacob Bolden ’08

JacobBolden: @pimmy_t Dont you hate it when a bro steals your Doritos? Well, some bro tried to steal some of my ritos and came out with a ICE

June 09, 2010

John Hurley ’08

jah07022: If anyone wants a hand knitted sweater please let grandma @hollymariedk know your size.

Jacob Bolden ’08

JacobBolden: When my teacher returned my outline, he said, "sorry that you can't read handwriting. I was smokin' a joint"

John Hurley ’08

jah07022: As I said yesterday, terrifying. Yes that is a spider that made it's home in my driver side window.
jah07022: RT @Becca_Reis RT @gabriellaheekin: i still have hope that my camera will turn up one day. maybe when one of us is running for president
jah07022: RT @gabriellaheekin I want to be back on an airplane with all of our friends again #punta
jah07022: Great storm going on up here

Brad Herbig ’08

bradherbig: Successfully ran 5k last night in 27 minutes. Hopefully I can work up to finishing a 10k before the Fourth of July. Also working on my REU.

June 08, 2010

Jacob Bolden ’08

JacobBolden: @pberning21 Hegman is telling the panty-line story #classic
JacobBolden: @pberning21 I'll bring the burgs and pirate costumes.

John Hurley ’08

jah07022: Spiders are terrifying, and dangerous im while driving

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