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June 16, 2010 11:03 AM

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June 16, 2010

Neil Spataro ’07

neilspataro: Given the immense popularity of the Beatles, it's surprising how seldom you see someone playing Paul's violin bass. Just an observation.
neilspataro: Jesus Reds, can't you put ANYTHING on the board? Also (again), can we trade for Troncoso?

June 15, 2010

Neil Spataro ’07

neilspataro: Man, I'd love to see Troncoso in a Reds uniform...
neilspataro: When your "ace" has more earned runs (5) than innings pitched (4.1) in a game, and it's happened before, time to kick his ass to the curb.

Pete Metz ’07

PeteMetz88: @m_sheldon the same way thundersticks were. I hope it comes with a rally zebra or something cool too!
PeteMetz88: I've neglected my email for the better part of a week...time to get cracking. It's summer though, so it's slowed down considerably
PeteMetz88: @JeffBC94 Don't worry! I'm here for another year :)

Neil Spataro ’07

neilspataro: Saw a couple "discreetly" having sex in Ault Park. By discreetly I mean obviously, just with clothes on.
neilspataro: RT @someecards: The only thing better than watching Kobe Bryant play is watching Kobe Bryant lose. [nba lakers cel ...
neilspataro: The newest lottery ticket is named "Dream On." Really poor choice of words if you think about it.

Pete Metz ’07

PeteMetz88: RT @edsbs: I want to compliment the DPRK on that goal, but they would just deny the existence of such weaponry in their lineup.
PeteMetz88: @helloxjed that is FANTASTIC news!!
PeteMetz88: @JamesG3 how'd the interview go?
PeteMetz88: @markanthonytorr Happy birthday! Hope DC is treating you well

June 14, 2010

Neil Spataro ’07

neilspataro: Haha The Most Interesting Man In The World on Manscaping: "I have no idea what this is."

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