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Get Syndicated!

Planet Xavier syndicates weblogs, journals, and photo albums from services including LiveJournal, Xanga, Blogger/Blogspot, MySpace, TypePad, MSN Spaces,, Webshots, and Flickr; and from software including Movable Type, WordPress, Textpattern, Radio, and Manila. Microbloggers are welcome, too: Twitter posts dominate have dominated pX for quite some time.

Want to get syndicated at pX? If you’re a current student or teacher at (or alumni of) St. Xavier High School, and you have a blog of some sort, let Minh know about it! Just provide your name, your class year (department or position if you’re an adult), and the URL (Web address) of your blog.


As a bonus, you can even have your own hackergotchi featured next to each of your posts here. A hackergotchi is like an avatar, except it’s an image of your face, typically rendered with a drop shadow to make it look like your head is sitting happily on a tabletop. (Don’t ask Minh how it got there!) And yes, the word is coined after those annoying little e-pets

Send Minh a photo or really sloppy drawing of your face (crayon on looseleaf, of course), and Minh will include it right here! He’ll probably clip out the background unless you ask him not to. As usual, Minh reserves the right to exclude any hackergotchi he deems inappropriate – though that’s probably not going to be a problem if you send a picture of your face

Get Listed Instead

In order for Planet to catch new updates on your blog, your blog will have to offer a newsfeed. A newsfeed is an XML document that contains a machine-readable version of your blog. There are two varieties of feeds: RSS and Atom. Various sites, including, can show you what an Atom feed actually contains.

Services like Facebook and DeadJournal don’t provide public feeds yet. If your blog doesn’t have a feed, you can still get listed at Planet Xavier. Just let me know about your blog, in case they do add feeds in the future.

Get Delisted

If you’re sick and tired of having everyone read your blog, you may ask Minh to delist your blog. Keep in mind, though, that once you’ve been listed, many of your peers will have already seen your blog, and may have bookmarked it.

If you’re just wary of people reading your occasional personal thought, you can now have a particular entry omitted from Planet Xavier by adding a simple little code to that entry. See our FAQ entry on Exclusion.


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