The Web site "Planet Xavier" has been permanently shut down.

The St. Xavier High School administration has determined that this Web site has contributed to the continued misuse of school resources by encouraging students to use services such as Xanga, MySpace, Facebook, YTMND, the Encyclopædia Britannica, and Google.

Despite the IT Department's valiant efforts to curtail the use of these Web sites, Planet Xavier has served as a loophole, through which students have exchanged non-Jesuit-appropriate comments and, worse, non-curricular thoughts. Thus, we feel it is our duty as educators to ban the use of this Web site and thereby help students regain the immaculate grades they once received before the scourge known as The Internet reached our town.

The owner of this Web site, who shall not be named, has been sent a Cease and Desist letter. In it, we ask that Minh Nguyen not attempt to revive this Web site and instead devote his time and resources discouraging the practice of "blogging." We are confident that Mr. Nguyen will respect our decision to close his Web site and obey our directions, considering the virtues of "Men, Women and Children with, about, above, across, amid, among, around, at, behind, below, beneath, beside, by, for, from, in, into, of, off, outside, over, to, toward, under, until, within and without Others," AMDG and Magis that he swore to under his breath as he was handed his diploma.

Now get back to work.

--Your Friendly Neighborhood Administration

The "Mr. Odioso" photo is property of St. Xavier High School or Michael Odioso, who did not in any way author this letter. Photo and letter included here under the auspices of "fair use" for parody. © 2006 Minh Nguyen. Sorry to the freshmen, sophomores and juniors who didn't get it.