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2002 December 23 Monday

Another Site? (2 stnemmoC, 0 slarrefeR)

Oh, no. Another one has joined the ring of obscure GeoCities members. Doesn’t anyone know how bad GeoCities is? (Maybe I should take this time to mention the LinkBlog that’s going to appear once I completely redesign this website.)

A White Christmas? (2 stnemmoC, 0 slarrefeR)

(sigh) I’m blogging from Fort Worth, Texas. I guess that means I’m going to miss that forcasted white Christmas in Cincinnati. I heard that there’s going to be five inches of snow! Oh, just my luck.

2002 December 21 Saturday

GoogleFight! (0 stnemmoC, 0 slarrefeR)

Well, well, well. Wireless: The Band is better than Outsmarting the Donkey! Want proof? Here’s proof! What do you think of that, Andy?

Want more? If you Google for "wireless the band", you’ll find that their official site is the first one listed. If you Google for "outsmarting the donkey", not only is it the sixth one listed, but it’s also right under my link to Wireless! How’s that for better?!

This is the first in a series of attacks, aimed at promoting Wireless: The Band — the much better band.

2002 December 20 Friday

Welcome! (0 stnemmoC, 0 slarrefeR)

Welcome to all who have paid attention for my shameless advertisement this past week. I assure you that I will continue it.

If you have not already done so, please post a comment on a particular entry by clicking on the comment count at the top-right corner of each entry. You can also read older entries at my Archives section. There are various sections in this website; please feel free to explore.

A technological note: this website was designed to be displayed correctly in Mozilla, Netscape Navigator, and Opera. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, certain details (quotation marks, site icons, etc.) will not appear. You can still use this website, however. Acronyms and abbreviations are usually dotted-underlined.

I am going to complete renovating this website by next weekend, so please do not think that this is all. There is much in store for MingerWeb.

Once again, welcome to MingerWeb, and I hope that you enjoy this website as much as my friends and I do. Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, criticism, and suggestions.

Shameless Plug: Two (0 stnemmoC, 0 slarrefeR)

Yep. I did it again:

Almost Christmas Break! But, will you miss your friends? Of course! That’s why MingerWeb features a commenting system. Post a little message for everyonme to read. So come to MingerWeb today, tomorrow, and… every day. Because MingerWeb is updated daily!

I’ve got more planned for after Christmas Break. Just you wait and see, fellow classmates.

The Good, the Bad, the Blueprint (2 stnemmoC, 0 slarrefeR)

Once again, the St. Xavier Blueprint, my school’s official school newspaper, has published an article. This issue is quite interesting. If you are a long-time reader of this weblog, I’m sure you’ll recall my previous rants (1, 2), and know that I am not a Blueprint fan. Well, read on for a bit of “constructive criticism”…

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Xulos will be the user-interface for a Linux shell. It is based on the user-interface of Mozilla, created using XML, XUL, XBL, XHTML, CSS, JS, and RDF. Plans are underway to submit Xulos to Mozdev.org as a project.

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