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I’m sure you like my website and weblogs, but here’re some websites and weblogs that you might also be interested in. I assure you, they’re clean and appropriate, but I am still not responsible for any content contained on any websites I link to.

I rated many of these websites for content and design. The system is out of five ms, an n being half of an m.

(And it’s called LinkBlog, because it’s actually a blog powered by Movable Type 2.63.

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Sites by Minh

These are the other, glorious marvels that are websites that I have ingeniously crafted with my own hands. Well, okay, enough with the flowery mumbo-jumbo.


A pseudo-company aiming to create easy-to-use software that centers around simplicity and consistency. Coming Soon

Học với Tôi

Vietnamese is a simple, yet hard language to learn. There are many resources available for you to learn the language, but none are very easy to use and learn from. That’s why I created this website: to help you learn Vietnamese easily and well. How do I plan to do this? At Học với Tôi, you will not only learn from me, but also with me.

LSP Online

The Loveland Schools Press Online is a now–defunct online newspaper that used to serve students in the Loveland, Ohio area. I may revive this website in the future, turning it into a weblog and putting it in the hands of someone else.

Minh’s Notes

I’m a student. Taking notes is important. I’ve decided to create a notebook here — not a normal notebook; a notebook for my thoughts, for events, and for the mutterings of a fellow some call Harjus. Read carefully; you’ll be tested on this material afterwards.


I’m apparently not the only computer-saavy person in our family.

Trí’s Page

He’s actually got photos on his site! Impressive.


Yes, I’ve got friends. And they’ve got websites, too.

Brandon Dodd Homepage

Brandon Dodd is my best friend. You can read his (sparingly updated) weblog, too.

Brandon’s LiveJournal

My best friend’s sparingly updated LiveJournal.

CreekCG’s Homepage

Well, Chris George has changed the topic of his site once again. Now it’s about some guild for NeverRest — errr, EverQuest.

DJ Bomber’s Blog!

Brad Ruwe finally joined the blogging trend and got a blog. But he wants to allow his visitors to post comments. Too bad, he chose to use Blogger, the GeoCities of weblogging.

Home Page of Me

Alex Hunt is a friend since grade school, who features (negative) reviews of all his friends’ sites, including mine, on his website. We’re supposed to think it’s funny.

Josh’s Site of Completely Random Stuff

Enter random words here. Random sentences, too.

Josh Pendl is undoubtedly creative. Question is, is he feeling alright?


C’mon, do you think that I would list every person I know, who has a website, as a friend?


Strange. Just strange. (Obviously, Scott Feister has a few problems.)

Grimnir’s Recipe Book

Okay, I finally found Zac Lee’s blog – errm, Xanga, whatever.

lee_chang_hee’s Xanga Site

I’m sorry, but someone (Chris Lee) desperately needs web design skills… Andale Mono, floated images beneath low-contrast text, and – Gasp! – a <marquee>!

But, at least it’s more interesting than Grimnir’s blog… that says a lot…

Michael Moyer’s Home

Michael Moyer, a classmate of mine, got a $299.00 Manila website for free. Argh. But at least he set up a weblog on there.

Mike’s Site of Links

Mike Berg just had too much time on his hands, so he created this site to rank his friends’ and classmates’ websites. He recently redesigned the website, which is now quite lacking.

Outsmarting the Donkey

Some kids from school started this site. One of them, Andy Blankemeyer, claims he knows more about web design than I do. Yeah, right.

Pat’s Stuff

SMOY? Hmph.

This one actually strives for something other than randomness! Yay! (Give yourself some time to figure out how to get around his site; it’s atrociously hard to do.)

Tech Review

DJ Miller thinks he can start up some technology magazine on the Internet. Yeah, right. Get this: he’s even got Brad Ruwe along for the ride. Isn’t that supposed to spell disaster? We’ll see.

The New KGB

This is DJ Miller’s other site, a clan site for Red Alert 2. I was told not to link to this site, so I did. You’re welcome, DJ.

Vortex X

My friend’s brother, CJ Dodd, makes computer games. Neat, huh? Well, his development team has a project website — with downloads!

Wireless: The Band

A couple of friends from school started this band. It’s interesting. Better than Outsmarting the Donkey anyday (for reasons other than the music, of course).


Jeremy Aronow (thankfully) departed from the usual fire–random–thought–late–night–e–mail content scheme, and actually made his site about himself (and a few others). Novel, isn’t it? Apart from the Spanglish title, it does include very creative and very funny stuff.

Software Projects

These are some software development projects that I am either involved in or am interested in.

Adobe® Atmosphere™

Adobe® Atmosphere™ is a virtual reality chat interface. It allows its users to enter, interact, and chat in worlds, using the free Atmosphere™ Plugin. You can also create your own worlds, using the free Atmosphere™ Builder. Atmosphere™ was recently released to the public as a final release. Beta-testers (including yours truly) had a chance to get the $400 Builder for free. Build 208 (version 1.01) of this application was released on December 10th, 2003.


Jabber aims to replace the mess that the AIM, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, et al IM networks have created, with a standard, flexible, and really cool (!) set of technologies called XMPP. I follow a few projects to create programs that support this new set of technologies:

Mozilla Firebird

An open-source browser based on Mozilla Navigator (the basis for Netscape 6/7 Navigator). It is simple, fast, light, and very customizable. See Firebird Help for more information.

Other Blogs

Yes, I’m not the only one in the blogging craze. I also pay close attention to Mozilla-Related Blogs (aka Blogupdates), an aggregator of blogs related to Mozilla.

Brandon’s LiveJournal

My best friend’s sparingly updated LiveJournal.

The Buzz Weblog

The WaSP is an organization of web developers advocating standards in the World Wide Web. Their weblog, The Buzz highlights key articles and events in the push for standards.

DJ Bomber’s Blog!

Brad Ruwe finally joined the blogging trend and got a blog. But he wants to allow his visitors to post comments. Too bad, he chose to use Blogger, the GeoCities of weblogging.

Grimnir’s Recipe Book

Okay, I finally found Zac Lee’s blog – errm, Xanga, whatever.


This weblog, from Dave Shea on Vancouver, BC, Canada, is a must-read for web designers. Dave started CSS Zen Garden, IMO the best web design resource on the web (or otherwise). His blog and Zen Garden have given me great ideas for my websites – if and when I ever get around to redesigning them.

Thoughts From Eric

Occasionally, Eric Meyer publishes a very insightful and useful thought. His website is the reason that my website looks as good as it does. Well, I think it looks good.

Useless Ponderings of a Teenager

Michael Moyer, a classmate of mine, got a $299.00 Manila website for free. That bastard. But at least he set up a weblog on there.

The thing is, he hasn’t updated the blog since December 2002. So I am giving Mike such a generous rating (4½ m’s) mostly due to Manila, his host.


By now, you’ve probably gotten the idea that I know alot about computers. This is where I got my start.

Cookwood Press

This is the companion website to the VQS Guides by Elizabeth Castro. Elizabeth made my favorite VQS Guides, namely HTML 4 for the WWW, XML for the WWW, and CGI and Perl for the WWW.

Visual QuickPro Guides

Once you’re done with a VQS Guide, try one of these to go even further. I currently own one of these.

Visual QuickStart Guides

These wonderful, visual, step-by-step books helped me get started on the Web. I currently own five of these. Barnes & Noble usually has a discount on these.

Anything Else

A List Apart

A List Apart shows you how to use already-popular web technologies in ways almost no one else has before.


A place for local (i.e., Tri-State) writers to put their works, and a directory of local blogs. CincyStories links to my blog!


A small search engine, but one that has some good ideas for finding exactly what you want.


Wikipedia is a worldwide effort to create an encyclopedia that anyone can use, modify, and redistribute for free, without any hassle. Wikipedia is available in at least 156 languages.

I am a sysop (aka an an administrator) for Wikipedia Tiếng Việt, the Vietnamese Wikipedia.

Wikimedia maintains several sister projects for Wikipedia, including Wiktionary and Wikibooks.

Wired News

Wired News is my favorite place to get current and in-depth news on all fields of technology.

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