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Analogious to this website, MingerWorld will be a portal of sorts to things that interest me. It will also be a great place to relax and enjoy the surroundings. This world will be based on Adobe® Atmosphere™ technology.


30 August 2010 (Monday)

MingerWorld’s original location at http://home.fuse.net/lovelandschoolspress/mingerworld.aer will soon go offline. Please update your Atmosphere bookmark to point to its new location: http://www.1ec5.org/3d/mingerworld/mingerworld.aer.

20 November 2008 (Thursday)

Version 2.8 of MingerWorld is now available, restoring multi-user chat. Please visit it at 1ec5’s MingerWorld page.

3 January 2008 (Thursday)

Since Adobe discontinued development of Atmosphere, it’s unlikely – though definitely possible – that I’ll develop MingerWorld further. I’ve put up a memorial of sorts for MingerWorld at my new website, 1ec5.

12 July 2002 (Friday)

Version 2.6 of MingerWorld has officially been published.

12 May 2002 (Sunday)

Version 0.1.1 of MingerWorld is now online. Visit it using the MingerWorld Viewer.

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