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This webpage is intended to make navigating around this website easier.


This is the starting place of this website.


This is where I have information and news about my projects, most of which are computer-related. If applicable, you can also find download information at the individual project pages.


The Saint Xavier Magis is an online newspaper in progress, covering news at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Analogious to this website, MingerWorld will be a portal of sorts to things that interest me. It will also be a great place to relax and enjoy the surroundings. This world will be based on Adobe® Atmosphere™ technology.

Wire iX

Wire is an MDI web browser created using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Learning Edition. It includes an embedded version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.


Xulos will be the user-interface for a Linux shell. It is based on the user-interface of Mozilla, created using XML, XUL, XBL, XHTML, CSS, JS, and RDF. It will soon be added to Mozdev.org as a project.


This is where I intend to have resources and tutorials on learning how to speak, read, write, and understand the Vietnamese language, as well as a little Vietamese culture.


Learn the structure of Vietnamese sentences, so you can create your own sentences in Vietnamese.


Learn useful Vietnamese words, so you can use what you’ve learned here in the real world.


This is for information that doesn’t belong in any other category, and for offbeat news that I find interesting.


Find links to other interesting websites.


Find out how to contact me.


Find out how to change the look of this website to your own liking.


Missed an old post? Find it here.


Access Minh’s Notes in XML form. Perfect for weblog readers and content parsers.


Access the Movable Type content system used to maintain Minh’s Notes. This system is password protected and unfriendly to non-mingers.


LSP Online

The Loveland Schools Press Online is an online newspaper website offering news, weather, sports, fun, and more for students of schools in the Loveland, Ohio area.

LSP Online @ FortuneCity

The mirror site of The Loveland Schools Press Online, hosted by FortuneCity.

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