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Since March 2004, Minh has maintained his personal weblog elsewhere. Minh’s Notes, as it’s called, is currently located at That’s his soapbox now; this website is extremely outdated and remains only for historical purposes. Please update your bookmarks and links.

Currently attending Saint Xavier High School in Cincinnati, Ohio, Minh Nguyễn is known among his peers for his expertise with computers. He is currently involved in the Mozilla and Adobe® Atmosphere™ communities.

Minh’s Notes

A “Blog-in-Kind”
Minh’s a good note-taker. He also takes comments pretty well.

Học Với Tôi

The gradual guide to Vietnamese.


Immerse yourself into the visual atmosphere and art brought to you by Minger. Created using Adobe® Atmosphere™ technologies.

The Magis

The alternative, online school newspaper for St. X High School. Promoting professional and creative journalism. An equal opportunity volenteerer.

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