With the fourth public redesign of The Loveland Schools Press Online, we have strived to make the website viewer-friendly and more aesthetically pleasing, yet more accessible and usable to those with disabilities.

Backwards Capatibility

Due to the beliefs of the authors of this website on website design, we have eliminated support for legacy browsers. In order for any of our viewers to use our website with its full potential, he/she must upgrade to a newer browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+, Netscape Navigator 6.0+, Mozilla SeaMonkey 0.7+, Opera 4.0+, W3C Amaya 4.0+, MSN Explorer, iCab Internet Browser, or IBM HomePage Reader.

Support for the Blind

Most pages in The Loveland Schools Press Online should be capatible with screen-readers and refreshable braille displays, although this is not guaranteed. Aural CSS will be included in the future. Long descriptions will soon be provided for any image on our pages, with the exception of banners served by our host servers.

Support for the Vision Impaired

A high-contrast stylesheet is provided with most webpages, for the color-blind. Most browsers support the enlarging of text, for those without focused vision, and the Opera browser includes a zoom feature, which enlarges all objects on our webpages.

Support for the Epileptic

We have eliminated all blinking text and images. The only major animated image is our spinning heart logo, which may soon be replaced with a non-animated one.

Support for the Hearing Impaired

The Lovelang Schools Press Online makes no essential use of sound. Those who are not hearing impaired would only hear the default sounds in their browsers for certain actions, so we need not provide special mechanisms for the hearing impaired.


If you have any suggestions about our support for our disabled audience, please contact us.