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I am working diligently to put a nicer-looking look and feel to this website and a more streamlined system of managing it. Please bear with me; as I can only do this during my free time, this effort will take a long time.

Speaking of construction, here’s a prehistoric under construction page for my now-defunct LSP Online.

In the meantime… some old notes

Not permitted

Monday, July 28, 2003 — This is why I should stop using AOL services:

Thank you for your interest in this Screen Name-enabled service. At this time, we are unable to permit you to access this service. We regret any inconvenience.

Your You’re welcome. Thanks to you, AOL, I can’t setup my brother’s screen name on AIM, and I can’t access my e-mail.

I’m probably going to start using my Zoomtown e-mail address soon. I already use Jabber. (My JID is mxn@myjabber.net.)

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Tuesday, July 29, 2003 — The Pentagon recently decided to copy Kentucky’s horse racetracks, through DARPA’s futures market. Tom Daschle summed up the reaction pretty well:

“This is just wrong.”

Senator Warner of Virginia elaborates, saying that it’s “an incentive actually to commit acts of terrorism.”

Great. Now terror organizations can place their bets, send their men off to die, and collect their pay.


The Pentagon today decided to shut down this program. No mystery why.

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Any key

Thursday, July 31, 2003 — Thanks, Compaq, for this wonderful tip. Now I won’t have to reboot every time I receive an error in MS-DOS.


Via: Neil Deakin

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♪Smile, you’re on my phone’s camera!♪

Friday, August 01, 2003What to do if someone tries to abduct you.

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Chief Prisoner

Friday, August 01, 2003 — One more Democrat is considering the run for President — this one from his jail cell.


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Parting Gift

Monday, August 04, 2003Eric Meyer, recently laid off by AOL:

“You’d think they could have sent along a bunch of them for me to use. Like, six or maybe eight of them. You know?”

Read the blog entry and see the accompanying picture. It’s literally Worth a Thousand Words™.

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Wanna Bet?

Monday, August 04, 2003 — I thought the Terrorism Futures Market was a bad idea. But I don’t quite know what to think about the American Action Market.

Via: Wired News

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Antiques Blogshow

Wednesday, August 06, 2003 — Don’t you just love finding antiques around the house? Such as an old AOL 2.5 floppy? (C’mon, this is vintage stuff we’re talking about here.)

If you do rummage around your stacks of floppies or 7″ disks and find a collectable, such as a dot-matrix printer, stop by SuperfluousBanter’s Old Technology Givaway. Just post a comment with a link to an image of your ancient item, and you’ll be entered to win “an original Quadra 950 Motherboard w/ 68040 Processor!” or “a shrink-wrapped 3M 590MB Rewritable Optical Disk!”

See Emilio Vanni’s submission for ideas.

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How Convenient

Friday, August 08, 2003Mark Pilgram:

“I once saw a sign at a bank on the outskirts of London: ‘For your convenience, we are now closed on Thursdays.’”

From ComputerBytesMan.com, yet another compelling reason to use Mozilla Firebird.

Via: Simon Willison

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003AOL might ask AOL Time Warner to drop the “AOL” from its name. (You may recall that AOL Time Warner formed as a result of AOL buying Time Warner.) This change is mainly because of the megagiant’s failure to complete and profit from merging. (Just look at Road Runner and AOL High-Speed Internet, for example. Same service, two incompatible services.)

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